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Rz-10 Hunting Blind System

Rz-10 Hunting Blind System

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The Rinoz RZ-10 elevated soft-shell hunting blind system is a special model made to deliver a more cost-effective elevated hunting product while not sacrificing in quality that hunters demand from their equipment. With a removeable (replaceable) waterproof cover with blacked-out exterior windows and magnetic window mesh fixtures, this blind will be one well appreciated for the archer and gun hunter alike. The blind's tower is a combination tower that allows the user to install as either a 5' or 10' setup. The interior of the soft-shell cover is blacked out as well to aid in concealment. With 4 gun & cross-bow windows (horizontal) and 4 archery windows (vertical), it will be hard to not have a shot on something within shooting range. With 8 sides (octagon shape), the interior dimensions are just beyond a 6' x 6' square with 7' of ceiling height - plenty of space for two people to be comfortable sitting or standing during the hunt. 


Tower Footprint at 5' Height = 6' x 6'

Tower Footprint at 10' Height = 9' x 9'


This product is offered in 3 variations:

1 - Full Blind System (Tower & Blind) $1,199 MSRP

2 - Blind Only (No Tower) $600 MSRP

3 - Tower Only (No Blind) $600 MSRP




Replacement covers may be purchased directly from Rinoz for $225. Proper care is needed to maintain the durability - remove the cover annually once the season is done and apply cover one month prior to the hunting season starting; store inside above ground away from insects & rodents.

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